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You live in a major industrial risk zone

What to do in case of an accident?



The sound alert : Siren with modulated sound during 3 times 1 minute 41 cut by spaces of 5 seconds.



Take shelter in the nearest building

Close doors, shutters and windows. If you can, seal openings and vents, turn off ventilation and air conditioning, move to a windowless room.
Even if the insulation is not total, these reflexes are the most effective. In case of an explosion, these measures will protect you from a possible toxic cloud. Do not stand next to the windows, as you could be hit by glass fragments.


Listen to the radio

France Bleu, France Inter or France Info. These radios provide information on the nature of the risk, specific instructions and the evolution of the situation.
Other means can be used: alert vehicle, telephone system
You will find below the radio frequencies of your sector.

France Inter : 93,5 or 97,5 or 99,8
France Info : 103,4 or 105,4
France Bleu Isère : 101,8 or 102,8




Do not pick up your children from school

They will be taken to safety by their teachers who know the instructions.


Do not call

To avoid clogging the telephone network, which must remain available for emergency services.
Shorten the conversation if the call is not from the authorities.




Additional instructions

Avoid any flame or spark. Do not go to the scene of the accident or nearby, you would endanger your life and hinder the rescue.








End of alert: Siren at continuous sound 30 seconds You can go out, remember to air the premises.

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