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Our vision

"Be the production manager of reference Industrial and Analytical utilities and services of a Chemical Platform."

Our mission




Our policy

Quality, safety, environmental responsibility and energy are principles and values integrated into the company's operations. OSIRIS conducts its activities according to the following 6 principles :



1. Ensure the Health, Safety and Security of people and the integrity of facilities

  • Provide safe working conditions in terms of safety and physical and moral health
  • Guarantee the control of our activities and their compliance with regulations and voluntary requirements
  • Ensure the protection of OSIRIS assets and materials and of the companies on the Platform
  • Identify and evaluate the risks of major accidents at OSIRIS and draw up the Platform's emergency plans



2. Create added value for our customers and strengthen our partnership approach

  • Satisfy the expectations and requirements of our customers at the best costs and within the negotiated timeframe



3. Optimizing our Energy Performance

  • Promoting the purchase of energy-efficient products and services
  • Continue to decarbonize to reach less than 70 kt of CO2/year by 2024 (approx. 110 kt by 2021)
  • Purchase primary energy and produce utilities at the best cost/quality ratio
  • Remain a reliable and efficient manager of energy and fluids
  • Promote the development of photovoltaic electricity production



4. Preserve our environment and use natural resources responsibly

  • Continuously improve the environmental performance of our activities and facilities
  • Limiting our environmental footprint by acting for a reasonable use of water



5. Develop the skills of OSIRIS employees

  • Strengthen the expertise of the staff through professional training and enhance their skills



6. Ensure the promotion of the Platform and the EIG 

To achieve these actions, OSIRIS management is committed to :




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