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Our mission

1. Coordinate the environmental approach on the Chemical Platform


2. Ensure compliance with regulations

The Environment Service

The Environment Service is :

    • Monitors aquatic and atmospheric waste
    • Provides administrative waste management
    • Monitors the soil and groundwater
    • Evaluates the safety of the processes at OSIRIS facilities
    • Coordinates environmental actions on the Platform
OSIRIS, committed to its land.

OSIRIS, both in its own right and as a company that provides services to support the environmental approaches of operators on the Roussillon Chemical Platform, has developed an approach integrated into its land.

By this strategy, OSIRIS, through close discussion with outside stakeholders, is committed to preserve the biodiversity and alluvial wetlands of the Ile de la Platière (Natura 2000) centred on preserving water resources, which are an absolute necessity to guarantee the future of the Roussillon Chemical Platform


Resources for processing gas and liquid effluents

  • Biological purification station for organic effluents
  • Retention tank. 
OSIRIS has been ISO 14 001 certified since 2008.

OSIRIS owns a biological processing station for organic effluents, built in 1993 to treat 10 tonnes per day of COD. It disposes of all of the Platform's organic effluents and off-site effluents.


The operators are connected to it via a separate network that covers the entire chemical site.

The main companies on our platform