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Responsible Care is a voluntary initiative in the worldwide chemical industry: independent of the standards and regulatory provisions that it is bound to follow and does, the chemical industry has defined its own code of conduct.

The 9 guiding principles of Responsible Care®

As a member of France Chimie and an adherent of Responsible Care®, we are committed to conducting our operations while taking constant care to improve safety, as well as environmental and health protection, and to apply the principles below:


  1. Ensure that the policy that is defined and enforced for safety and for environmental and health protection complies with the present principles and the key elements of the Responsible Care® Global Charter. This policy is clearly defined as an integral part of our general policy.

  2. Ensure that management and staff understand and apply these principles in all of their industrial and commercial activities.

  3. Establish contractor and subcontractor assessment criteria to verify that they are operating in accordance with principles consistent with Responsible Care®.

  4. In all activities, abide by regulatory provisions and professional recommendations, and implement industrial best practices. Constantly seek to improve performance in the fields of safety and of environmental and health protection. Assess the impact of the activities on health, the environment, and the safety of staff, clients, and the public in order to control the effects of those activities. Take part in the development and implementation of these provisions with qualified authorities and organizations.
  5. Inform staff about the nature and characteristics of the facilities and about any effects the chemicals may have. In particular, enact internal procedures intended to prevent accidents or limit their consequences and help enact corresponding external procedures.
  6. Report appropriate information to clients, the public, and the authorities as well. In particular, advise clients up and down the value chain on operations to handle, use, and dispose of chemicals in ways that preserve health, safety, and the environment.
  7. Seek for the best possible technical and economic efficiency in using resources, finding uses for by-products, and reducing and treating waste; ensure compliance with health, safety, and the environment in all implemented processes.
  8. Contribute to research in the field of safety and environmental/health protection.
  9. Promote the Responsible Care® principles and apply them by sharing experience with the programme''s other participants at every possible opportunity. In particular, regularly report on Health-Safety-Environment performance and the implementation of Responsible Care®. In a spirit of open discussion, commit to going beyond self-auditing the implementation of Responsible Care® in order to move towards an outside auditing process, thereby earning greater trust from stakeholders.


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